#BlogTour Eternal Forever by Syl Waters

For this review I received an actual paperback copy of the book which I was extremely excited about! The Blurb Fame, glory and… foul play! Jessie was a shop worker dreaming of the big time, then YouTube found her. But staying in the limelight requires meticulous management: pop stars are made not born.  With awardsContinue reading “#BlogTour Eternal Forever by Syl Waters”

#BlogTour – Not the Deaths Imagined by Anne Pettigrew

I am delighted to be supporting a fellow Scot by taking part in this Blog Tour. Being a Scot myself, I liked the references to landmarks across the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow and was able to clearly visualise the scenes. Anne Pettigrew is a talented author and one I will be following closely. TheContinue reading “#BlogTour – Not the Deaths Imagined by Anne Pettigrew”

#BlogTour Road Kill: The Duchess of Frisian Tun by Pete Adams

Oh My! What did I just read? The Blurb Cataclysmic events have occurred in the decorous upper middle class enclave within Southsea, Portsmouth, on the south coast of England. But what were the circumstances that contributed to this violent clash involving a Sherman tank and a bazooka? The strange occurrence is Investigated by Lord EverardContinue reading “#BlogTour Road Kill: The Duchess of Frisian Tun by Pete Adams”

#BlogTour The Library Murders by M.R. Mackenzie

The Blurb Alyssa Clark is about to find out that reading really can be murder. She thought her new job in Thornhill Library would be safe and uneventful. Boring, even. But on her first day at work, a masked gunman storms into the building and blows away every member of staff on duty. Alyssa barelyContinue reading “#BlogTour The Library Murders by M.R. Mackenzie”

#BlogTour Central City by Indy Perro

Central City is a gritty crime novel that is definitely worth a read!  The Blurb Kane Kulpa learned which laws could be bent and which broken after a short stint in prison courtesy of Detective Vincent Bayonne. Bound by time, integrity, and the reality of life in Central City, Bayonne and Kane made peace withContinue reading “#BlogTour Central City by Indy Perro”

#CoverReveal Siren Song by Rebecca McKinney

I love the sound of this book and so I couldn’t stop myself from signing up to take part in the Cover Reveal! I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. The Blurb A man who glimpses other people’s inner worlds, and a woman who can foresee death. Can they trace a missingContinue reading “#CoverReveal Siren Song by Rebecca McKinney”

#BlogTour Dance with the Reaper by Wes Markin

How have I not come across Wes Markin before now? I am adding every single book in the series to my TBR list! The Blurb How do you stop a perfect killer? After the terrible events of the past year, DCI Yorke’s team are on the verge of finding peace. But after a terrifying actContinue reading “#BlogTour Dance with the Reaper by Wes Markin”