#BookClub No-One Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs by Tracy Bloom

During lockdown I decided to set up a book club with a few of my friends – I was so excited although the excitement was short lived after one of the members asked if this now made us officially middle-aged. I’m not quite sure I have reached middle-age yet but it definitely put a different spin on our nights in. Who doesn’t like wine, nibbles and a good book though?

To kick start the book club in style, I hand delivered signed copies of the chosen book for which I would like to thank Tracy Bloom for again, along with some tea bags and biscuits.

Why was this book chosen?

I became a fan of Tracy Bloom’s book having read, ‘No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday‘ years ago and then I recently read her new book, ‘The Wife who Got a Life’ and remembered how much I loved her work. I did intend on using her new book as our first read but I had been lucky enough to read an ARC and the book wasn’t going to be published in time for our first scheduled meeting. I chose one of her books specifically because I knew it would be a really easy, fun read that would be extremely welcome during a global pandemic.

First Impressions

I had read the first book so knew I would like it and I was hooked by the first chapter.

Thoughts from the Book Club

Overall, all members of the book club enjoyed the book and the discussions were great. Everyone was definitely keen to read Tracy Bloom’s new book, ‘The Wife Who Got a Life’ so maybe this will be a Book Club choice next time!

Buy your copy now…

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