World Book Day 2021 – Books for toddlers

It is World Book Day so I thought I would mark the day by posting some books for toddlers. As both a parent and a teacher, getting children into reading and encouraging reading for enjoyment is something I am extremely passionate about. Reading has to start from a very young age and so I am always encouraging parents to read to their children and siblings to read to one another. With this in mind, here are my 2 year old daughter’s current favourite books …

I am a Tiger by Karl Newson

This is such a fun picture book about a mouse who tries his utmost to convince all of the other animals that he is in fact a tiger. It is a funny story told through the use of clever illustrations and bold colours. The facial expressions are very cleverly done and my toddler likes to point these out and tell me how the characters are feeling. This is the current book I have to read at least three times before bed but it is no chore, I love it just as much as my daughter!

Little Owl’s Egg by Debi Gliori

Such a heart-warming story of an owl who lays an egg but the baby owl isn’t best pleased. Throughout the story both Mummy Owl and Baby Owl pretend that the animal inside the egg is something other than an owl but in the end Baby Owl concedes that a baby owl would in fact be best. ‘Little Owl’s Egg’ was previously gifted to Primary 1 children across Scotland in 2017 by the Scottish Book Trust.

Say Hello to the Animals by Ian Whybrow

I love this story and you can’t help but sing it as you read. It is the story of a puppy who takes the reader around a farm to say hello to all of the animals. My toddler loves animals and is always making the animal noises and pointing them out to tell me what they are so she loves this book.

Ladybird First Favourite Tales

As a teacher I am always flabbergasted at how many children get to age 10 and do not know some of the traditional tales so I have been searching for a collection of traditional tales that I can add to as my little girl grows up. After a few weeks of searching I came across these books and we both really love them. So far we have Hansel and Gretel, my favourite childhood tale, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. What I like about these is that the stories are the stories as I remember them, no twists or extra characters, just the traditional tale as they were originally told. A lovely little collection of books that you can add to year after year.

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