Kristen Bailey: Has Anyone Seen My Sex Life?

Having read a multitude of Psychological Thrillers recently, I wanted to change it up and read something light-hearted, funny and engaging. This is exactly what I got from Kristen Bailey’s laugh-out-loud book.

What’s it about?

The story follows the life of Meg Morton, a journalist and mother of three as she uncovers her husband’s closely guarded secret after being confronted by a very large sex toy which appears in the post one Monday morning. Meg’s journalistic instincts kick in and she investigates further, but all is not as it first seemed. This book is definitely not for the prudes among us nonetheless it is certainly something a bit different and will undoubtedly keep you entertained.

My thoughts

Danny’s secret is revealed quite early on in the book and I am not ashamed to say that I did think, ‘Where on earth can this story go now?’ But Kristen did not disappoint and the story just gets better from there on in. We meet Danny’s brother Stu who is a real ‘Jack the lad’ with a huge personality and an even bigger heart, I fell in love with him as much as the Mum’s at the school gates. On that note, in several of the chapters we are introduced to life at the school gates which, as someone with experience of this in a small village school, I considered to be quite amusing as I am sure other Mums out there will too.

Meg and Danny’s relationship is full of fun, they are so relatable that I often found myself yearning to be their friend. From the outset you can tell that these two people are meant to be together and that did help me to relax into the story as I had a real sense of ‘happily ever after,’ something I both expected and desired.

Final words…

A laugh-out-loud, slightly over the top and exaggerated story with some very sincere and tear-jerking moments. I would thoroughly recommend it! I loved it so much that I have already pre-ordered Kristen’s Bailey’s forthcoming novel, ‘Can I Give my Husband Back?’ Happy reading!

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