Rachel Abbott: The Murder Game

I have chosen Rachel Abbott’s book, ‘The Murder Game’ as my first review as I absolutely LOVE her! I have read all of her books to date and just cannot get enough. ‘The Murder Game’ did not disappoint! 

What’s it about?

The story is about a group of friends who get together for a wedding but in true Rachel Abbott style, there is a mystery to be solved. The celebrations don’t quite go as planned and one year later the same group of friends are invited back, but for what? Relationships are torn apart, truths are uncovered and lives are shattered. What’s not to love? 

My Thoughts 

The story is based on the life of Lucas, the friend who binds all of the others together. Smarmy, arrogant and controlling are the words that come to mind when I think of him. There are times in the book where I want to feel sympathy for him but it just didn’t happen. As the friends reunite a year later he has planned a game for them all to play, which is unravelled as the story progresses.

The other characters filled me with pure frustration, why did they not leave? The book was so compelling; I had to find out more about Lucas’ game and what secrets were going to be revealed. 

This is the second in the Stephanie King series – the detective in the story. I really want to like this woman but I feel that she keeps her cards very close to her chest and there’s so much we just don’t know about her yet. I hope that there are more books in the series, as I yearn for more insight into her life. 

The relationship between Stephanie and Gus is interesting. I want the relationship to be real and the happy ending I think both characters deserve however I just don’t feel it. There is clearly chemistry between them that much is clear, but we will need to see if it is the happy ever after I would hope for. 

Final words…

As with all of Rachel Abbott’s books it was gripping from the very start. If you have not yet read one of her books then I would highly recommend them, you will be hooked! 

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